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Open the Floodgates

March 26, 2019

I didn’t know Hustler even dis this level of porn. I always just thought they did the glamour models stuff. Full frontal nudity and all of course but I didn’t realise they actually did hardcore porn and from what I’ve researched it’s because I missed a trick. They seem to have been doing it for a long time too.

Well rather late than never I guess because this stuff is hot as fuck. I’ve never experience a girl squirting myself and quite frankly I don’t really know all that much about it either. I’ve read that some do and some don’t but then I’ve also read that all women can when the right technique is applied. It’s just that some do so very easily, just through regular fucking, like this girl in picture.

I remember seeing this video some time ago of a guy explaining how to make a girl squirt by fingering her in a certain way. Like two fingers upwards, rapidly stroking the g-spot.

Well anyone can get up to 76% off Hustler with this discount I’m going to grab myself one and explore the Hustler side I never knew existed until today.

Hot lesbian girlfriends share a squirt session

March 20, 2019

I find it a big turn on when a guy is so involved with a girl that he is able to make her squirt. It shows me that he has some serious dedication to her pussy and even more so he is going to do what it takes to make sure those juices are flowing. Just imagine my surprise when I found these Squirting photos of this smoking hot lesbian couple.

Kara and her girlfriend get on very well and they both know just what their pussies need to get the juices flowing. I got such a huge hard-on watching them engaging in various lesbian sex acts. When they locked lips I was ready to just spill my load in my pants and hope that I would be ready to come back for seconds.

There is no doubt in my mind that xxx images that have the quality like these ones do make all men weak in the knees. They want to see more and most of all they want to show those wet and messy girls that no matter how slippery it gets they will always be ready for more. It just shows me each and every time why squirting pussies are the best sight of all to see!