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Extreme squirting juices from Charley Chase

November 14, 2010 by admin

Extreme squirting juices from Charley Chase after her pussy explodes from an extended fuck session with Falco Zito. He’s got the staying power and knows just what to do to get her off. Charley Chase may look like the girl next door, but she’s a horny pornstar with a magical talent – extreme squirting. Once her pussy reaches climax, she’s like the geyser Old Faithful, and her sticky wet juices are warm and wet to the touch.

Marsha Lord squirting juices

October 22, 2010 by admin

Marsha Lord squirting juices can impress anyone, including her man Dave Hardman. To start with, she has dark red hair and an incredible body that begs to be fucked at all times. She’s a dirty little slut, and when she cums it’s like the never ending stream of female ejaculation, and it turns her on even more when it runs down and lubricates her eager asshole. So much so she practically begs him to fuck her ass. She ends up taking that cock deep before he pulls out and squirts cum on her tongue. Damn that’s dirty.

Squirting orgasm of Tessa Taylor

September 29, 2010 by admin

Squirting orgasm of Tessa Taylor! She’s a dirty blonde pornstar that might have signed up for a little more than she expected today. After she is bound and cannot escape the crew at Squirt Disgrace go to work on her pussy, fucking it with dildos and cocks until it’s swollen and ready to burst. Like a leaky damn, when that dick is pulled out she lets burst a stream of female ejaculation that’s warm and sticky. They add to her squirting orgasm mess by shooting a hot cum load on her gagged mouth. There’s fluids everywhere…

Squirting sex with Sophie Dee

September 5, 2010 by admin

Squirting sex with Sophie Dee whenever she has a powerful orgasm like she does here. She always has a wet pussy when she gets excited and when you get her primed her pussy orgasm will squirt out like a damn water gun. Lee Stone is the lucky stud for this porn shoot, licking her wet juices and delving into her fleshy depths with his hard throbbing cock. Even after her pussy squirts he keeps pumping away and now it’s extra warm and viscous.

Pussy squirting babe Mya Nicole

August 13, 2010 by admin

Pussy squirting babe Mya Nicole is willing to submit to a day of deviant bdsm to put her talents to the ultimate test. Wasting no time, she is strapped down and completely helpless. He wants to see for himself her legendary squirting powers! So he pulls out his powerful drill dildo and goes to work while she squirms under his relentless intensity. Success! Her female ejaculation comes so easily, and now that he’s seen it, he wants to feel it. He hoists her up in rope bondage and proceeds to ravish her until there is again a gush of female ejaculation. It feels warm and sticky on his cock, and in return he shoots a cumload right in her mouth. Mya Nicole is definitely a pussy squirting babe to be watched at Squirt Disgrace!

Female squirting after hard pounding sex

July 21, 2010 by admin

Female squirting after hard pounding sex! That’s Bella’s talent, she just has a really wet pussy that ejaculates a warm sticky fluid when she cums. Luckily, she has a leather couch for just this reason – it’s easy to clean up her female squirting juices after some hard pounding sex like this! There’s some great angles captured here, especially from below when her pussy is first penetrated. I think Bella definitely deserves the title of a Big League Squirter.

Teen squirt with Monica Morales

June 27, 2010 by admin

Cute and petite, squirting Latina Monica Morales has a gift. Her pussy is amazingly sensitive and gets super wet when she’s horny. This makes it easy to take in all the big cocks she wants. Her tits may be small but those pierced pussy lips are the entry way to a gushing orgasm you’ll be proud to see. When she’s about to cum, he pulls out so we can fully see the entire female ejaculation on this squirting Latina, and it’s a lot! Her teen squirt just sprays all over his legs. I bet it feels warm and sticky.

Squirt girl in bondage

June 4, 2010 by admin

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Squirt girl in bondage! This cute filly likes to be a submissive slave slut, and has the uncommon talent of a gushing cunt. She’s tied down and worked over by a variety of vibrators and dildos until she’s juicy and wet. Now she’s ready for a serious deep dicking. Her wet pussy is so lubricated it slips right in and vagina juices flow out. With her kinky fetish, it doesn’t take much coaxing before we see her female ejaculation, and she’s rewarded a double dose of cum in her gushing cunt and mouth. There’s sticky fluids everywhere on this squirt girl in bondage!

Hardcore squirter India Summer

March 27, 2010 by admin

Hardcore squirter India Summer in some sexy fishnet stockings demonstrates her female ejaculation talent that makes her rare in the adult biz. This dark haired cum slut knows how to spread her legs open for a hot beef injection while moaning and breathing hard. He pounds deep but it’s just a build up to the climax we want to see. When she feels ready to cum she leans back and rubs her clit really fast until it explodes in a huge pussy gush. This is definitely a squirting porn video I’ll watch again and again…

Lola Banks squirting cum sex

March 3, 2010 by admin

Lola Banks squirting cum sex totally soaks this coach. How do some pussies have so much female ejaculation? I don’t know, but Lola Banks has it, and she’s a hot little number too. Trevor Slide feeds her some of his throbbing cock and she takes it as deep as she can, covering it in her sticky wet juices when she orgasms. It’s a lot of squirting cum, and it drips down all over that poor couch.