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It’s More Common Than You Think

May 31, 2021

There was once I time I thought squirters were quite the rare breed. I had seen them occasionally in pornos. I had dreamed of being lucky enough to ever find one in real life. And even my buddies hadn’t claimed to ever fuck one, and they were the types of young men who were keen on exaggerating their sexual conquests as it was. But it wasn’t until I really came into my manhood and garnered more experience that I realized how common female ejaculation really is.

Now I’m not claiming that every woman out there is a squirter, or even that they can be. But I know that after over a decade with my wife, who we truly thought was unable to squirt, one day I unlocked something in her and suddenly she was spraying sweet juices all over my cock. It surprised her as much as me and sent me searching out hot squirting porn. After all, it was about the hottest moment of my life up to that point!

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Hotties Who Play And Spray

May 30, 2021

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