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It’s Her First Time!

February 10, 2020 by Admin

I am perhaps the worst critic I know when it comes to movies and series. I seldom find any that I really enjoy and I actually wish it wasn’t so. I am just not easily pleased and the smallest things can often irritate me and repetition of something that has been done before, that I have seen before without changing in the idea to at least have some part of it being fresh, is the worst.

Somehow, that just doesn’t apply to porn. In fact, when something specific is a turn-on for us we can watch multiple scenes about the exact same thing, no matter even how unrealistic it is sometimes, and we’ll still get our rocks off.

The fantasy of some gorgeous teen seeing a cock for the first time and acting like she doesn’t know how to give a blowjob is one of those for me.

For maybe 20 seconds she’ll act all awkward around it and even ask the guy if she’s doing it right and then suddenly, miraculously, she’s working that dick like the pro she actually is. 😀

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